n the year 2004 after years of passion and music as a listener and DJ, Andrea Festa founded the AFR label. AFRecords opened its activity from Lugano city with Alterego MinimalLego, a naïf but true experiment between old and new skool, with a pyrotechnic tech-house groove punctuated by a hypnotic and morphing vocal. The start of a label, the beginning of a new story. Here you can find the original track with the two great techno remixes done by  swiss producers DJ Dune and Tomahawk in their classic Zurich sound.  

Alterego MinimalLego Andrea Festa

A1 AlterEgo MinimalLego (Andrea Festa Original Mix) 7:32

B1 AlterEgo MinimalLego (DJ Dune Remix) 4:57

B2 B2AlterEgo MinimalLego (Tomahawk Remix) 4:31

AF 001 CD


AF Records presents THE SOUND OF LUGANO 2008

Andrea Festa debut double album contains tracks by himself and great names as Mike Dunn, K-Alexi and Houz Mon from Chicago,Terrence Parker and Terrence Dixon from Detroit, Max Durante from Rome. The sound is perfectly balanced between old and nu skool with modern reinterpretation of the Detroit techno and Chicago house scene. AFRecords a label that in Andrea’s words “has the aim to be a point of reference for new and old generations, lovers of modern grooves and classic rave patterns, a collage of emotions and sounds to bring you in a trip in the electronic music world through the experience and the love for underground music”.

The Sound Of Lugano Roma Detroit Chicago

01 Bora Bora Andrea Festa 06.28

02 Relax Andrea Festa 05.55

03 Vicari Street Andrea Festa 05.30

04 Alterego ( Chicago Remix) Remix – Houz Mon.04.50

05 Vicari Street (Terrence Dixon Remix) Remix – Terrence Dixon. 05.17

06 Alterego  (Max Durante Remix) Remix – Max Durante 06.55

07 Audio Control (Max Durante Remix) Remix – Max Durante 08.50

08 The Sound Of Lugano Andrea Festa 05.56

09 Minimallego (DJ D.U.N.E. Remix)Remix – DJ D.U.N.E. 07.26

10 Bio Acid Moon (Mr K-Alexi Remix) Remix – Mr K-Alexi*05.31

11 Palace Hotel Andrea Festa 05.31

12 Vicari Street (Terrence Dixon Remix) Remix – Terrence Dixon 07.34

13 Alterego Minimallego Andrea Festa 08.30

14 Palace Hotel (Terrence Parker Remix) Remix – Terrence Parker 06.10

15 Alterego (Houz Mon Dep Remix) Remix – Houz Mon*06.00

16 The Sound Of Lugano (Mike Dunn Remix) Remix – Mike Dunn06.02

Codice a barre: 7640138360008 (EAN / EAN-13)



Vinil 2009-10-16

Andrea Festa strikes back with a new release between techno and house, old and nu school. Basic Acid is a bomb with a keyboard in first line that you can't stop playing. 3 versions, adding on the B side the legend Woody Mc Bride, aka DJ ESP, Wisconsin USA drops a remix that changes the track in a techno splinter from dark rave flavours, and Andrea Festa himself with a progression giving the right meaning to the world minimalism. AFRecords gets its deserved place in the club culture!

Basic Acid Andrea Festa  - Woody McBride
A Basic Acid Andrea Festa (Original Mix) 05.55 B1 Basic Acid (DJ ESP Remix) DJ ESP Woody McBride 06.26 B2 Acid (Remix Andrea Festa) 06.31 Codice a barre: 7640138360015 (EAN / EAN-13)

A Basic Acid Andrea Festa (Original Mix) 05.55

B1 Basic Acid (DJ ESP Remix) DJ ESP Woody McBride 06.26

B2 Acid (Remix Andrea Festa) 06.31

Codice a barre: 7640138360015 (EAN / EAN-13)

AF 003


Vinile 2009-11-02

Andrea Festa returns with another club bomb. Taken from his double CD "The Sound Of Lugano", the title-track is here in his full remixes glory. First time on vinyl the Mike Dunn rework that was yet an underground classic for those who discovered it on the album, with the funk vocals of the Chicago legend that make this a total house gem. Great news here is a devastating Hardfloor remix, with Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker adding their acid trademark style together with special clubby touches: an anthem high on the DJ's charts of every kind. Finally Andrea Festa himself add a new remix of the song, with a minimal Detroit groove that works the vocal for those late night sessions. Another special package from AFRecords.

A The Sound Of Lugano (Hardfloor Remix) Hardfloor 07.46 B1 The Sound Of Lugano (Mike Dunn Remix) Mike Dunn 06.00 B2 The Sound Of Lugano (Andrea Festa Remix) 07.01 Codice a barre: 7640138360008 (EAN / EAN-13)
A The Sound Of Lugano (Hardfloor Remix) Hardfloor 07.46 B1 The Sound Of Lugano (Mike Dunn Remix) Mike Dunn 06.00 B2 The Sound Of Lugano (Andrea Festa Remix) 07.01 Codice a barre: 7640138360008 (EAN / EAN-13)

A The Sound Of Lugano (Hardfloor Remix) Hardfloor 07.46

B1 The Sound Of Lugano (Mike Dunn Remix) Mike Dunn 06.00

B2 The Sound Of Lugano (Andrea Festa Remix) 07.01

Codice a barre: 7640138360008 (EAN / EAN-13)

AF 004 



A fantastic EP for AFRecords, the original mix by Andrea Festa taken from the double CD "The Sound Of Lugano" is a great atmospheric track. The two monsters remixes by Los Hermanos & Tyree Cooper combined a great Detroit flavour (Los Hermanos) with a lot of pads and cool dance floor sound while Tyree Cooper give a real touch of class to the package with piano & voices used at his best!!!

Bora Bora Andrea Festa1. Bora Bora Andrea Festa (Original Mix) 6:28 2. Bora Bora Los Hermanos (Detroit Remix) 6:00 3. Bora Bora Tyree Cooper (Chicago Remix) 07:14 Codice a barre: 7640138360008 (EAN / EAN-13)

1. Bora Bora Andrea Festa (Original Mix) 6:28

2. Bora Bora Los Hermanos (Detroit Remix) 6:00

3. Bora Bora Tyree Cooper (Chicago Remix) 07:14

Codice a barre: 7640138360008 (EAN / EAN-13)

AF 005 

Cassarate Square Brothers


Andrea Festa is back this time with a very hot jam done with his friend . Both growing up in the Cassarate Square of Lugano city in Switzerland, they share so much musical memories, and this way they decided to lock themselves in the studio to produce a special track. Cassarate Square Brothers is a dymanite funky groove that sounds like techno-soul from Detroit happening in Lugano, so again this is another example of "The Sound Of Lugano", as Andrea e Thomas Gerosa aka Dustman Jazz his album. A serious track for a special collaboration!

A. CASSARATE SQUARE BROTHERS Original Mix Andrea Festa &. Dustman Jazz 07:02 B. CASSARATE SQUARE BROTHERS Remix Andrea Festa &. Dustman Jazz 07:45 Codice a barre: 7640138360008 (EAN / EAN-13)

A. CASSARATE SQUARE BROTHERS Original Mix Andrea Festa &. Dustman Jazz 07:02

B. CASSARATE SQUARE BROTHERS Remix Andrea Festa &. Dustman Jazz 07:45

Codice a barre: 7640138360008 (EAN / EAN-13)

AF 006



Andrea Festa The brand new single on AFRecords "Led 3" is a collection of real house grooves with old-skool flava that will keep your dancefloor on fire. A massive package of five grooves full of jackin' beats, stabs, strings, ringing telephones (!), and different moods from peakin' style attacks to deep early morning stuff.he brand new single on AFRecords "Led 3", a collection of real house grooves with old-skool flava that will keep your dancefloor on fire. A massive package of five grooves full of jackin' beats, stabs, strings, telephones (...), and different moods from peakin' style attacks to deep early morning stuff. 
Supported by DJ's like Stacy Kidd, David Alvarado, Andrea Benedetti and Dave Russel !

1. Led 3 Andrea Festa 07:06 2. Deep Living Andrea Festa 07.06 3. Underground Andrea Festa 07.06 4. Revolution Andrea Festa 07.06 5. Detroit Beach  Andrea Festa 05.54

1. Led 3 Andrea Festa 07:06

2. Deep Living Andrea Festa 07.06

3. Underground Andrea Festa 07.06

4. Revolution Andrea Festa 07.06

5. Detroit Beach  Andrea Festa 05.54

AF 007



The new release from AFRecords is a serious package, in fact a megajam between Andrea Festa, Tali Freak, Wyndell Long and Cut A Kaos. "Detroit Silence" is in the intentions a tribute to Detroit done by the point of view of non Detroit producers, so we have label boss Andrea Festa, Naples roots but living in Lugano, with three storming and hard minimalistic techno stompers that recalls the glorious days of early Jeff Mills and Robert Hood. Tali Freak from Naples produce other three tracks, with a clubby and progressive sound full of different influences that will take no prisoners. And as a cherry on the cake we have two remix, the first by Chicago legend Wyndell Long, and the second by production-maverick from Zurich Cut A. Kaos, both in a devastating ghetto-tech style. "Detroit Silence" is real techno.

1 Detroit Brothers Andrea Festa  2 Detroit Mute Andrea Festa 3 Detroit silince Andrea Festa  4 Schoot Of Naples Andrea Festa Tali Freaks 5 King Of Roma Windell Long Remix 6 King Of  Roma A.Kaos Bulldozer remix  7 Naples Schoots Andrea Festa Remix  8 Naples Schoots Dubsnare Remix 9 Naples Schoots Tali Freaks  ​

1 Detroit Brothers Andrea Festa 

2 Detroit Mute Andrea Festa

3 Detroit silince Andrea Festa 

4 Schoot Of Naples Andrea Festa Tali Freaks

5 King Of Roma Windell Long Remix

6 King Of  Roma A.Kaos Bulldozer remix 

7 Naples Schoots Andrea Festa Remix 

8 Naples Schoots Dubsnare Remix

9 Naples Schoots Tali Freaks 

AF 008



Brand new project for a new dancefloor bomb on AFRecords, Human Experience is a collaboration between Andrea Festa and Stefano Valli, and Wonderful Pleasure is a tech tinged acid-house grower that pays tribute to Hardfloor and erupts in a nuclear breakdown full of sexy stabs and synthetic mayhem. Full package comes with the "Extended Mix" and the slammin "Wanted" and "Rhythm Dub Andrea Festa" mixes. Don't sleep on this!


1. Wonderful Pleasure  Original Mix Andrea Festa Stefano Valli 05.57

2. Wonderful Pleasure  Extendet  Andrea Festa Stefano Valli 05.55

3. Wonderful Pleasure  Rhythm Dup Andrea Festa Stefano Valli 06.37

AF 009



AF Records is back with Attraction brand new single, a full deep-house number with those right keys and right beats that is perfect both for clubbing and listening. The label boss Andrea Festa gives his treatment to the track with the For Japan With Love Remix, dedicated to the victims of the japanese earthquake, that keeps the original mood adding a solid deep techno background. Enjoy.


1. Attraction Original Mix Roberto Figus

2. Metropolitan Remix Andrea Festa 

3. Cavo Paradiso  Remix Andrea Festa 

AF 010



Andrea Festa returns with his second artist album on his label AFRecords. If his debut album from 2008, "The Sound Of Lugano", was a collection of early tracks full of passion and some great contributes from Mike Dunn, K-Alexi, Terrence Parker, Terrence Dixon, Max Durante Houz Mon and DJ Dune, the brand new "Orfano" is a new level in Festa's personal book, a record that speaks about personal experiences in Andrea's life and it does with a real techno sound that will slam both purists and newcomers expectations. Strong, solid, hypnotic techno pieces that while are looking back to luminaries like Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, Luke Slater and Robert Armani, are going straight into the future.


1. Andrea Festa Intro Planet 05.44

2. Andrea Festa Sound Machine 05.52

3. Andrea Festa Global Underground 05.39

4. Andrea Festa Out Control 06.30

5. Andrea Festa Spectral Sound 06.17

6. Andrea Festa Locomotive 06.01

7. Andrea Festa Art Of Afr 07.15

8. Andrea Festa Orfano 07.35

9. Andrea Festa Return Of Techno 06.42

10. Andrea Festa Domino 

Codice a barre: 7640138360011 (EAN / EAN-13)

AF 011

The Future House Of Lugano


After exploring the spectrums of old-skool techno sounds with albums like "The Sound Of Lugano" and "Orfano", Andrea Festa this time makes an unexpected clubby number that speaks always old-skool but in a soulful, sunny, anthemic way. Soulful piano-house, sensual vocal cuts, funk stabs, The Future House Of Lugano is a track that is built with passion to find its home through the summer. Enjoy!


1.The Future House Of Lugano Original Mix  Andrea Festa 06.24

2.The Future House Of Lugano Vocal Edit  Andrea Festa 06.24

AF 013

Andrea Festa Feat Mike Dunn


Brand new on AFRecords an unreleased Andrea Festa Remix of his classic collaboration with Mike Dunn, The Sound Of Lugano. While the Dunn version has him going freeform at the microphone on a devastating funk house cut, this remix has the vocals of the Chicago legend flowing on a minimal stabby groove between house and techno reminiscent of the Robert Hood sound. Another bomb from the AFRecords catalogue. You can't sleep on this!


1The Sound of Lugano (feat. Mike Dunn) [Andrea Festa Remix] 05.36

AF 014



AF Records returns on May 20th with a brand new release, a split with one track by legendary detroitian Terrence Dixon and another by label boss Andrea Festa. Terrence Dixon creates Inner Beauty, a hypnotic deep-techno jam with his mesmerizing voice that goes in and out through the entire track. A sure future classic by Terrence. Andrea bangs the box with Education Of Conversion, a jackin' groove that builds on oscillating keys and funky percussive touches, a real clash between the old and the nu skool and a sure floor filler. Don't sleep on these two bombs !


1.Inner Beauty Original Mix Terrence Dixon 06.15

2.Education Feet Conversion Orginal Mix Andrea Festa 07.33

AF 015



Andrea Festa is back on his AF Records joining forces with Tiziano Trotto for the first single of their new project, Electronic Reverse. They bring two tracks of acid perfection, with Tech Acid that works the floor to boiling levels, and Smile Acid that is a new take on the classic "laugh track", reminiscent of Wink's Don't Laugh. 303 devoted and armed with all kind of analog bombs in their studio, Electronic Reverse are currently busy jamming in studio for taking their magic out live. Watch out !


1. Tech Acid Original Mix Electronic Reverse (Andrea Festa Tiziano Trotto) 07.33 

2. Smile Acid Orginal Mix Electronic Reverse (Andrea Festa Tiziano Trotto) 07.08

AF 016


Brand new release on AF Records "REACT / RISE UP" by Italian producer Toowill aka Wilmer Travagliati, two fire tracks that come in their original forms and together with two brilliants edit versions by Biagio Lana, React is an oscillating beauty that brings a mic of electro, minimal and trancey influences, and Rise Up a darker club track with great atmospherics. Biagio Lana, a veteran Dj and producer of techno since late 80's extends React in a large building rave track, giving more compact feeling to Rise Up. Dont' miss it !


1. Rise Up Original Mix Toowil 08.08

2. Rise Up Reconstructed Toowil Baby B 08.27

3. React Original Mix Toowil 07.05

4. React Reconstructed 10.29

AF 018



Brand new package on AF Records "Archives 1.0 - The Remixes", a selection of Andrea Festa tracks remixed by a bunch of masters, from the Detroit classic vibes of the Los Hermanos version of Bora Bora to a club anthem such as The Sound Of Lugano in the Hardloor remix, through the beautiful Terrence Parker house take of Palace Hotel and the full techno assault of King Of Roma - Wyndell Long Rx and Basic Acid - DJ Esp Rx. Don't miss it!


1. Bora Bora Los Hermanos Detroit Remix 06.00

2. The Sound Of Lugano Hardfloor Remix 07.46

3. Palace Hotel Terrence Parker Remix 08.30

4. king Of Roma Windell Long Remix 09.35

5. Basic Acid Dj ESP Remix 06.25

6. Audio Control Max Durante Remix 08.51

7.Bio Acid Moon K-Alexi Remix 07.26

8. The Sound Of Lugano Mike Dunn Remix 06.00

AF 019



Brand new package on AF Records "Archives 2.0 - The Remixes", the second part of the collection with a selection of Andrea Festa tracks remixed by a bunch of masters. Here we go with the Motor City techno of the two Terrence Dixon remixes of Vicari Street, with Chicago represented by the clubby Tyree Cooper take on Bora Bora and by the two ghetto interpretations of Alterego by Houz'mon, while the techno cherry is finally put by the Cut. A Kaos Bulldozer remix of King Of Rome and by the Max Durante remix of Alterego. Don't miss it!


1. Alterego Houz'Mon Chicago Remix 04.53

2. Bora Bora Tyree Cooper Chicago Remix 07.14

3. Vicari Street Terrence Dixon Remix 05.17

4. Alterego Max Durante Remix 06.55

5. King of Roma Cut A. Kaos Bulldozer Remix 05.54

6 .Vicari Street Terrence Dixon Alternative Remix 05.31

7. Alterego Houz'Mon Deep Remix 06.05

AF 020



To celebrate the 10 years of activity of AFRecords a total bomb here. The brand new single by label boss Andrea Festa, Acid Lab, is an acid-house beauty, and dropping the bomb we have none other than the legend from New York, Joey Beltram, that with his remix pushed the track to its limits with his unique, urban style, in a techno assault full of acid energy and sexy vocal cuts. A solid remix by italian producer Biagio Lana complete this great package. Don't miss it!


AF 021

ORFANO Repainted


AF 021 Brand new release on AFRecords Andrea Festa Orfano Repainted by Biagio Lana. The classic minimal techno monster title-track by Andrea's 2011 "Orfano" album in this Biagio Lana remix comes through another point of view, with Biagio staying faithful to the stubborn riff of the original but shaking all with a new swing in the hi-hats and adding a mysterious spoken and extra sounds to introduce a new subtle tension and a sense of suspense to the track. Another killer from AFRecords, you can't miss it!





AF 022



It`s a very special release, as Swiss legend DJ, artist and producer DEE TREE-9 is joining the label for he`s wonderful release "ALPHA EP". It contains five club grooves of immaculate perfection. The mood starts serene but kicking at the same time with Morningstar, before the track brings fire to the scene, with a great crossover of tech-house beats and Detroit electronics. Black Lion is a deep, dubby affair with a piano, reminiscent of early Marshall Jefferson productions and almost afterhour vibes. A track, which always works in the medium line between house tradition and synth explorations. When It Rains Into A Tuba does exactly what is says – raining into a tuba, which blows club magic with its sound to the dancefloor. Android is a killer science-fiction track with Blade Runner undercurrents. Last but not least, Aruba rounds up this awesome release, with an elegiac feeling of a piano-driven touching style and emotive strings, which matches perfectly as the last track of a DJ set. You can't miss it!


1. ANDROID 06:16

2. ARUBA 07:22

3. BLACK LION 06:58



AF 023



Lugano meets Naples! The classic Square One track by Hologram Hookers was released back in the day on the Hypnotic Room label with a remix by AFRecords boss Andrea Festa. Here we have a double treatment of that killer remix. First one by a very special guest from Naples, none other than Danilo Vigorito, who brings some tech-house science for a slammin' rework. Andrea Festa himself gaves the second interpretation, giving a dynamic new feeling to the original and brilliantly remaking the remake. Don't miss it!


AF 024

The Dream Come True 


New release on AFRecords by Salerno hot talent and Rome living Vincent Benincasa with a serious three tracker that will fire every dancefloor. The first bomb is Old Remember, a techno stomper with frenetic claps and driving stabs, followed by second one, Hidden Dreams, a pulsating but moody number that is a perfect track to mix in and out, and third being Mental Journey, a tech-house jam with a minimalistic feeling and Hood-esque structures (and new slammin claps!). All coming in with the glorious mastering by Naples techno legend Danilo Vigorito! You can’t miss this one.


1. Old Remember 05:55

2. Hidden Dreams 06:26

3. Mental Journey 06:37

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