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The Sound Of Lugano - Roma Detroit Chicago 

01 Bora Bora Andrea Festa 06.28

02 Relax Andrea Festa 05.55

03 Vicari Street Andrea Festa 05.30

04 Alterego ( Chicago Remix) Remix – Houz Mon.04.50

05 Vicari Street (Terrence Dixon Remix) Remix – Terrence Dixon. 05.17

06 Alterego  (Max Durante Remix) Remix – Max Durante 06.55

07 Audio Control (Max Durante Remix) Remix – Max Durante 08.50

08 The Sound Of Lugano Andrea Festa 05.56

09 Minimallego (DJ D.U.N.E. Remix)Remix – DJ D.U.N.E. 07.26

10 Bio Acid Moon (Mr K-Alexi Remix) Remix – Mr K-Alexi*05.31

11 Palace Hotel Andrea Festa 05.31

12 Vicari Street (Terrence Dixon Remix) Remix – Terrence Dixon 07.34

13 Alterego Minimallego Andrea Festa 08.30

14 Palace Hotel (Terrence Parker Remix) Remix – Terrence Parker 06.10

15 Alterego (Houz Mon Dep Remix) Remix – Houz Mon*06.00

16 The Sound Of Lugano (Mike Dunn Remix) Remix – Mike Dunn06.02

Codice a barre: 7640138360008 (EAN / EAN-13)

AF Records presents THE SOUND OF LUGANO

Andrea Festa is a new producer in the Switzerland italian side, his compilation contains tracks by himself and great names as Mike Dunn, K-Alexi, Houz Mon from Chicago,Terrence Parker, Terrence Dixon from Detroit, Max Durante from Rome. The sound is perfectly balanced between old and nu skool with modern reinterpretation of the Detroit techno and Chicago house scene, a mix due to his youth as a dj grew up in the ninties. Collaborations with Chicago legends as Screamin’ Rachael and Vince Lawrence will be probably next releases on his label AF Records. A label that listening to andrea’s words “has the aim to be a point of reference for new and old generations, lovers of modern grooves and classic rave patterns, a collage of emotions and sounds to bring you in a trip in the electronic music world through the experience and the love for underground music

The Sound Of Lugano CD Double

25,00 CHFPreis
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