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CONCRETE RESISTANCE it’s a bit like saying the "REAL RESISTANCE", this motto means the desire not to lower our arms in the face of negative changes in the technological society, also means the concept of real and strong militancy towards electronic music in its best form and expression, a RESISTANCE that makes the verse to that partisans  in times of war , so then  war on "bad" music and faded copies of a sound that has now turned more than 50 years old and that although it gave the best of itself between the mid-80s and throughout the final part of the last century, wants to "resist" and promulgate new music, a new tomorrow for high-quality electronic music!

The creators of this musical concept are Andrea Festa and Lenny Patelli, two leading figures in the quality electronic music scene in Ticino and Switzerland, who look with optimism to an openness to the world thanks to their great experiences.


CONCRETE RESISTANCE is a Party, an Event, a Festival, a multimedia meeting place, where artists of great depth from the Ticino, Swiss and international electronic scene converge, and where in this context the audience to which it is addressed is absolutely heterogeneous, that is, anyone who has the desire to listen, enjoy, know electronic music in its various facets but always with a critical look towards a quality that is the real goal of its creators; high-quality electronic music, sound of the future that draws inspiration from its best past, for the old but especially for the new generations who maybe have discovered from not much this musical genre that we love and that inspires us day by day.

Why May 1st?


Well, referring to the episode that inspired the date on which the WORLD FREE DAY is currently celebrated in many countries of the world, this context is intended to be a celebration of the sad events that took place in one of the cities that symbolize this music of the future: CHICAGO (Illinois-USA).

Here, on May 1, 1886, a general strike had been called which was to spread to all of the United States, and which saw the workers of that time, take to the streets to protest demanding better and more humane working conditions; it was unfortunately very common in those years of industrial revolution, that entrepreneurs (then called industrialists) exploited the workforce of the most humble classes of the country with grueling shifts of up to 16 hours a day and where the word "safety" at work was not even contemplated, so that the deaths at work were everyday.

The strong protest of the workers went on for three days uninterrupted, and on May 4, 1886, it culminated in a real field battle between the same workers and the city's law enforcement, the then infamous Chicago police, which despite having among its ranks also people of humble origins as the same workers of the industry , had the obligation on the part of their superiors, to suppress by any means the protests to protect the interests of the wealthy class, that is, the industrialists who held (a bit like unfortunately still happens in many places of the world!) economic power.

The result of these clashes was that more than a dozen workers were killed in what has gone down in history as THE HAYMARKET MASSACRE.

This historical event is one of the main sources of inspiration along with the cultural and musical heritage of that city, CHICAGO, which together with other cities such as DETROIT, NEW YORK, LONDON, MILAN, PARIS, ZURIGO and many other important places in the world electronic landscape, represent together with our small but big LUGANO, a look of hope for the future.



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