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Biography L'N'F 


L’N’F are two DJs: Lenny and Francesco. They start their activity in 1999, and in the same year they open the record store Electronicwave as well. Thanks to this, they get very close to several musical genres. For instance, Chicago House, Detroit techno. They continuously order whole collections of historical labels and find vinyls from all over the world. Perfectly combining new and old sounds , their dj sets stand out successfully in the whole italian-speaking part of Switzerland. They play with the great ones of the global techno scene, such as Jeff Mills, Eric Borgo, and Raimond Ford at the Alcatraz in 2001. Again, Jeff Mills Deetron,Marco Carola at the Seven Club in 2002. In 2004 the store closes down. However, their project Electronicwave lives further. In 2005, Lenny and Effe set up a new music scene at the Livingroom Club Lugano, both thanks to their skills and to the positive critiques they keep getting. In this, they are able to involve many artists from the underground music scene of Canton Ticino. As gold dust, all their parties were sold out. After many successes, in 2008 they finally start a partnership with Gianluca Pedrolini (PR) and the Livingroom Club Lugano. Every month they attract to Lugano an international guest artist. The artist usually belongs to either techno or house, or underground musical genres. In addition to that, he/she is chosen based on his/her personality, and not on his/her fame. Some big names were Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones, Chris Carrier, Daniel Bell, Robert Hood, Jus Ed, Chicago Sky Way, Cassy, Sammy Dee, DJ Q, DjW!ld,Phil Weeks,ZIP ecc... Electronicwave is the spearhead of the Livingroom Club. However, if the love for music has no boundaries, the scene in Ticino is not wide enough for them. Lenny and Effe are not keen on being stucked in it anymore. This situation changes in 2011 with Walter Albini, and all together they get to the top with the WFL project. In 2012 WFL enters Catwash label, founded by Dj W!LD and Chris Carrier. What comes out from this collaboration are 2 EP and the well-known track “Eau du mur”, extremely successful in Ibiza. The latter can be found in the Dj Mag official compilation, mixed by Javi Bora at the Space of Ibiza in occasion of the Kehakuma party. L’N’F create their first release “Awakening ep” remixed by Hanfry Martinez and Brandud on UNIKE MUZIK. Moreover, in 2014 they publish a new ep, “the Cellar”, with the participation of Leo Leal. That was mixed by Julian M and Kidimmer. In addition to that, the collaboration with Catwas Record results in a recording on the compilation Catwash Records Vol3. Last but not least, under the same label L’N’F record their first maxi ep, that is Electronicwave Vol1. It contains 10 tracks, entirely written and mixed by L’N’F themselves. Nowadays, in L’N’F’s DJ sets you can find a combination of different sounds: old school, sexy, dark, and groovy. They love playing “reedit unreleased” and many of their own productions

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