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Booking Agencies in Switzerland 

Contact / Booking / Artist Management Concepts 

Agent! - Agent Music - DJ, Producer, International Artist




Performance: DJ Set / Live act
Travel: 1 person from Napoli – Italy
Booking Contact: Swiss Electronic Music
Links: Website / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / RA



Oliver Bondzio e Ramon Zenker

Performance: DJ / Live / Concepts
Travel: 1 from Düsseldorf – Germania

Booking Contact: Swiss Electronic Music

Links: Website / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / RA



Performance: DJ / Live / Concepts
Travel: 1 from Michigan – Detroit USA

Booking Contact: Swiss Electronic Music

Links: Website / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / RA


Performance: DJ / Live / Concepts
Travel: 1 from Lugano – CH Switzerland 

Booking Contact: Swiss Electronic Music

Links: Website / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / RA



Performance: DJ / Live / Concepts
Travel: 1 from Berna – CH Switzerland 

Booking Contact: Swiss Electronic Music

Links: Website / Soundcloud / Twitter / Instagram / RA




Music conveys emotions. We help companies to give their events the appropriate musical framework so that they become an unforgettable experience for their guests.

We will be happy to develop an individual and unique musical concept for you.

If you are interested in working together, we look forward to hearing from you.

The history of our company began in 2004 with AF Records Music, our booking and management division. Reservation is one of our main skills and is constantly growing between genders. We organize our artists for concerts, festivals and corporate shows. At the same time, we also have an exquisite DJ roster at our disposal. Swiss Electronic Music also takes care of booking artists for festivals, clubs and events. Our experience and strong network can be supported and integrated internationally by solid partnerships.


Why book a DJ?

A DJ does not just play one hit after the other, but has the task of combining and arranging the music to match your event schedule and the dramaturgy. The right tunes at the right time are required. Our DJs and musicians have years of experience in various genres of music history and are therefore a safe value for your event!

Advantages if you book your DJ with Swiss Electronic Music 

Our DJs have years of experience and together created mood for over 1000 events. We advise you reliably and professionally.

Our DJs are professionals and know how to behave professionally. Clothing, tonality, and appearance are tailored to your event.

With us you will not experience any nasty surprises or spontaneous cancellations. Our DJs are socially insured and have a contractual obligation.

We take care of the event planning according to your specifications. Our DJs prepare themselves for your event according to the briefing, dutifully and seriously.

Thanks to our large team, we have a replacement DJ ready for emergencies. This ensures that a replacement DJ is provided in the event of an unexpected emergency.

We only work with professional technology and adapt the equipment to the location and your needs. Our technology is regularly maintained and is up to date.

We will send you a transparent offer at the "all inclusive price" within 24 hours. With us there are no hidden costs in the invoice.

With us you and your party are in the center. Our DJs are not self-portraying but as a service provider focused on your needs and wishes.

Just like our DJs, we are flexible enough for short-term requests or changes. Of course, you can also spontaneously bring in your music wishes at your party.

How much does a DJ cost?

The fee for a DJ is made up of many factors. The needs of the customers are very different and the services offered by the DJs are just as different. All of our DJs set their own prices and prepare for their performances several hours before the events. Information about the DJ prices.

The following factors influence the price for a DJ:

Presence time & preparation: Depending on the duration and the desired equipment, our DJs cost between CHF 900 and 50.000 The route to the location also plays a role in pricing.

DJ equipment & sound reinforcement: Our DJs bring professional equipment (sound & light) to your event.

We agree on an “all inclusive” price with no hidden costs.

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