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Biography Marco Repetto 2019


Marco’s musical journey got started in 1978, more precise: with the punk rock bands from Berne Switzerland as founder, named “Glueams”, “Grauzone” and “Eigernordwand”. By the end of 1989 this phase was followed by the first raves and pure electric dance parties, where Marco was discovered by the Bernese DJ legend “Boumi B.” As from that time, Marco’s musical spectrum developed all the way through hypnotic techno, over ambient to psychedelic sound compositions and sound installations. Marco’s music, which is strongly influenced by the beauty of nature, shamanic knowledge and day dreaming, arises empathically through sound research and sound experiments, that melt together in studios but also in life performances. The musical broadness of his life acts is affected by warm rhythms, soft and space filling basses, that continue to push the colour trip, different atmospheres and full body sounds and samples. Marco’s performance is often lovely, playful and always newly interpreted, in a symbiosis with the energy of the moment. Now one often hears Marco perform with mind opening drones and dense sound patterns.  In the meantime “Bigeneric” has   become his main project. Friends of Marco often describe his life acts as being on a exciting, adventures and psychedelic train ride, something one really likes to experience once in a while

Marco’s musical curiosity leads him to cooperation’s with performer such as “Don Li” ore the “Appenzeller Hackbrettformation Anderscht” (the Appenzell dulcimer formation), an upcoming exciting musical enterprise with the punky folklore singer Christine Lauterburg, the sound artist “Stini Arn”, working on her magic loom. A psychedelic ambient experience with “The Starwaves” Marco Repetto (Electronics) Lukas Weber (guitar) and Henry Thomet (guitar). Other artists, painters, such as Franz Bruelhart, Schwarz Gänsehaut, Sylvia Hostettler and more, have found their way to Marco’s musical production.


Important productions of the last years:

„Marco Repetto - Pure Electronic Works 1 „ (Tonus Music Records) 2003;

„Sinbiotik – Kalydra „(Inzec Records) 2004

„Bigeneric – Caliphor „ (Inzec Records) 2004

„Bigeneric - The Amaranth Fields „ (Inzec Records) 2009 

„Bigeneric vs. Anderscht Alpness“ (inzec Records) 2011

„Bigeneric – Ormea „ (Everest Records)  2016

„Bigeneric – Spielmanda „ (Mental Groove / Inzec Records) 2017

„Bigeneric -Uncoded Signals From Axodya“ (Childhood Intelligence) 2017

BigenericVs. Planet Love‎– Fables Of Robotics“ (Slow Life) 2017

„Bigeneric – The Compilation“ (Moto Music) 2018

„Bigeneric -The Cyclical Ancient Movement“‎(12", EP)(Childhood Intelligence) 2018

“Random Fluctuations – Skyscraper EP” Editions Olympe 2019

“Marco Repetto – Eta Aquariids” (Swiss Electronic Music SEM-Records) 2019


Contribution “Bigeneric - iHeart” to benefit production for Japan “A Compilation for Japan” Mental Groove & Villa Magica (Genève)


Participation at the „Brienzer Kunstnacht 2012/2016“

Price of acknowledgment 2015 from the Canton of Berne Switzerland for his  entire work 

Remix-projects 2011-19: 

The Young Gods “Superready / Fragmenté” Bigeneric Remake 2011 Mental Groove: “Various Artists - Compilation Mental Groove” (MGCD018 

Digitalis “Navajas” Bigeneric Remake (Everest Records)

Sinner DC “Where She Goes” Bigeneric Remake (Mental Groove)

Adriano Mirabile „Daydreamer“ Bigeneric Remake (Wondermachine 013)

Microburst „Firth „ Bigeneric Remake (Luana Records)

Wolfman „Mark my World“ Bigeneric Remake

Baze “Voruss” Bigeneric remake 2019


Marco Repetto, Planet Love, Bigeneric, Random Fluctuations, Sinbiotik

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