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Artist - Marco Repetto 


Release date: 11/04/2019

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM001

UPC/EAN: 8058365698686


Swiss Electronic Music Marco Repetto 04/ 2019 It’s with emotion and excitement that we announce SEM001, the first release of brand new label Swiss Electronic Music, produced by none other than Marco Repetto, an electronic and techno legend from Bern that made the history in the Nineties with its labels Axodya and Inzec and a lot of records out on other eminent planetary labels, from Rephlex in UK to Superstition in Germany and again Generator in Detroit and Disturbance in Italy, to name a few of them. After the debut in the late Seventies as a drummer in the punk bands Glueams and Grauzone, Repetto became involved in electronic music at the end of the Eighties starting covering all spectrums from techno to experimental and all the genres and subgenres you could imagine, as a solo artist or collaborating with likeminded producers from all over the world, such Stefan Riesen (together they made the classic “Purple Universe” album as Synetics on Rephlex in 1993) or an electronic giant as Bruno Spoerri (in trio with Daniel Wihler in the “Island Of Lost Tapes” album on Inzec in 2000). 
We’re honored now to see Marco Repetto at the top of his creative power for the first chapter of Swiss Electronic Music, a new label created by Andrea Festa that will be dedicated exclusively to artists from Switzerland, with the album ““Eta Aquariids””, a collection of tracks that represent the deepest side of Marco, an advanced picture full of night techno jams and rhythmic explorations that are living in a zone between electronics and Psichedelia and so many other different tones and flavors. A true album from a true artist, the better way to start a label. Welcome to Switzerland!





Release date: 03/02/2020

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM004

UPC/EAN: 8058365818343

Swiss Electronic Music is proud to introduce the best kept secret artist in Switzerland. Walter Fini is based in Lugano and he’s a veteran producer that creates an intriguing style with lot of influences and a personal touch. His music is a careful done mix of movie soundtracks, idm and electronics in all forms, jazz, contemporary avantgarde stuff, classical, leftfield rhythms. Being a master in atmospheric sonic landscapes, Walter is at his best focusing in moody and often dramatic musical pieces, never losing a vibrant and lifeful approach that gives light to all. This one on SEM Records is a collection that puts together some of the beauties produced by Walter Fini, and be sure this will be a great introduction to a special artist. You can’t miss it!

SEM 007 


Artist L'KAS


Release date: 12/07/2020

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM007

UPC/EAN: 8058365878958


We're really proud to introduce the brand new talent of Luca Gaggetti, a new producer from the italian side of Swiss. SEM007, the new one on Swiss Electronic Music, is a brilliant two tracker done by Luca with his L'kas moniker. First track we have is  Psychology 19'92, a carefully executed techno-dub number with ghostly sounds and a great rhythm. Another beauty is The North Adjust, on a similar mood, with an explicit influence that comes from Basic Channel/Maurizio classics but with lot of personality too. You can't miss this one!

SEM 008 


Artist BRE:DEL



Release date: 28/09/2020

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM008

UPC/EAN: 8058365920350

Brand new release on SEM we have proud to present the great talent of Bre:Del aka Brenno Della Vecchia that offers a demonstration of his skills with Monticello’s Dub, a fantastic dubby techy groove that tributes a master like Moritz Von Oswald and his work as Rhythm & Sound. The package is complete with two shining remixes by Lugano pioneers such the duo L’N’F aka Lenny Patelli and Francesco Calderisi, and SEM and AFR labels boss Andrea Festa. L’N’F are on fire with the swing of their tech-house interpretation reminiscent of Von Oswald’s Maurizio releases, while Andrea works it hard on the beat and echoes with a techno vibe. You can’t miss it!

SEM 009  


Artist Intense Audio Vision

exit 07.10 .2021 Swiss Electronic Music


Release date: 07/10/2020

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM009

UPC/EAN: 8058365948743

We’re proud to announce the brand new release on SEM, the Phase 1 EP by Intense Audio Vision, a moniker used by one of the most brilliant producers in Switzerland, Dan Piu, that offers his inspired mix of Detroit techno, old skool deep house and idm in six tracks recorded in Zurich between 1995 and 1997 and partially re-edited recently. An EP full of great music, from the sunrise mood of Phase 1 to the deep bass adventure of Erriapus, the mechanic techno-funk of Weird Clouds, a track done with Eisentanz, and a dreamy, acidic beauty like Connection Lost, to the tension of Survive and the room of mirrors of The D. One X Code. You can’t miss it!

SEM 011 



Andrea Festa


Danilo Vigorito - Walter Albini

Release date: 24/04/2021

Label: Swiss ElectronicMusic

Catalog #: SEM011

UPC/EAN: 4065317030870


Brand new release on SEM Swiss Electronic Music we are happy to present Connect, the new single from label Andrea Festa. Connect is a devastating techno track, a game in two halves that builds the tension with sinister vibes and erupts along the way with dark, aggressive stabs. And we’re proud to have a remix of Connect done by none other than Naples techno legend Danilo Vigorito. Danilo transforms the original in another kind of beast, introducing strong old-skool basement beats and building with trippy, otherworldly synths, working the physical track in something more out-there. Together they are two different, complementary bombs,and the brilliant tech-house remix of Walter Albini completes a package that you can’t miss it!that you can’t miss it!

Release date: 22/02/2022

Label: Swiss Electronic Music 

Catalog #: SEM014

UPC/EAN: 4065317034106


Andrea Festa



Brand new release on Swiss Electronic Music by label Andrea Festa, that comes with an epic of a main track. Genesi is a cosmic techno jam that peaks at more than 10 minutes, hypnotizing with oscillating bass, riding techno-jazz beats and spacey tones, and mesmerizing with its almost spiritual feeling. On the club side of the tracks the other three numbers that complete the package, the rolling minimalistic beats of Family, the bubbling groove of System Solar and least but not last the velvet, sexy stab unity of Via Lattea. A great EP that you can't miss this it! Brand new release on Swiss Electronic Music by label boss Andrea Festa, that comes with an epic of a main track. Genesi is a cosmic techno jam that peaks at more than 10 minutes, hypnotizing with oscillating bass, riding techno-jazz beats and spacey tones, and mesmerizing with its almost spiritual feeling. On the 



Artist L'N'F


Release date: 29/04/2019

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM002

UPC/EAN: 8058365698709

We’re proud to present the second release of Swiss Electronic Music. The label hits 002 with a class EP by hot production duo from Lugano L’N’F aka Lenny Patelli and Francesco Calderisi. They are active in the scene from the Nineties, DJing, running the Electronic Wave parties and producing on labels as french Catwash or american Unike Muzik. Expect three slammin dancefloor tracks with a great bottom end in the jackin and funky beats, from the dark, anthemic and melodic Belvedere Panorama, with an intriguing spoken, to the stabby garagey flow of Dop and the jazz house keys of Naturals Spheres. Strong club grooves from Switzerland here!



Artist BRE:DEL

Release date: 11/11/2019

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM003

UPC/EAN: 8058365796016

It's out the fantastic SEM 03, A Silent Valley EP, third release on Swiss Electronic Music label, produced by the switzerland golden boy Brè aka Brenno Dellavecchia. Starting with hip-hop roots, he moved to electronica after hearing the DJ sets by Luciano Esse. In short time Brè became a solid presence in the local scene playing in clubs like Living Room, Vanilla, Plaza and working with his Yep. Music Concept underground parties and with Zurich label Freaky Kitchen. A Silent Valley is a 3 tracker EP that with a careful mix of techno, house and minimalism will blow your mind! You can’t miss this one.



Artist Andrea Festa


Release date: 09/03/2020

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM005

UPC/EAN: 8058365834114


09.03.2020 Brand new release on Swiss Electronic Music, catalogue issue SEM005, Concrete Resistance is the new EP by label Andrea Festa. Expect three dancefloor bombs with the title-track opening clubby and deep, pure fire with its solid bass manouvres and devastating minimalistic groove. The second track is Concrete, bringing the tension higher with its stomper acid evolutions, while the rhythms are punchy in a zone between techno and house. Finally we have the third track, Resistance, contagious with a mute bass sound and swinging beats, a groove than can go on for hours. Another quality release that you can’t miss it!

SEM 006


Artist Andrea Festa


Release date: 01/06/2020

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM06

UPC/EAN: 8058365879108


Brand new Andrea Festa "Archives" releases on Swiss Electronic Music label, it equals three volumes of sonic weapons for the dancefloor! Here’s a massive selection of tracks from AFR’s catalogue gorgeously remastered by italian techno legend Danilo Vigorito, that we know as a great producer but is a true talent in engineering too. Vigorito’s new mastering gives the perfect edge to these Festa grooves originally published through the last decade on Andrea’s AFRecords. You have no compromise techno as in numbers such Orfano and Locomotive, the club vibes of Attraction, devastating basement tracks like the classic Led3 and Basic Acid series, and again cult pieces like the hypnotic underground anthem Inner Beauty or the intoxicating deep house of Bora Bora. They never sound so slammin’!

SEM 010


Artist: Terrence Dixon

Remix: Andrea Festa 


Release date: 03/01/2021

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM10

UPC/EAN: 8058365996317


We’re very proud to present the new SEM release, a special joint venture between Detroit and Lugano. Inner Beauty by detroitian maestro Terrence Dixon, with its hypnotic, oscillating vibes, the psychedelic spoken voice and the skeletal rhythm, is an astounding masterpiece that was published for the first time in 2012 on AFR, the first label by Andrea Festa, and became rapidly a classic for all techno DJ’s, played also by Nina Kraviz in her 2015 Boiler Room in Edinburgh. Now we have this cult track in the Terrence Dixon original version, and in a new respectful remix made in Lugano by Andrea Festa that keeps the original structure using a groovey old-skool beat and working the sounds on a lower tone. Two versions that are perfect to mix creating a proper trippin’ flux. Adding to this package the original B-side of the 2012 release, Education Feet Conversion by Andrea Festa, a jazzy, electronic, ghetto track, a fantastic DJ tool. You can’t miss it!

SEM 012

Anaitat’s Way Ep




Andrea Festa & Stefano Festa  - L'N'F

Release date: 23/05/2021

Label: Swiss Electronic Music

Catalog #: SEM012

UPC/EAN: 4065317040817


We’re proud to announce the new Swiss Electronic Music release with Anaitat’s Way, the brand new EP by SEM regular L’Kas. We’re in full techno-dub glory with three numbers like the title-track, Bergvolk and Wide Think. The title-track comes also with two great remixes, the first by L’N’F, the production duo of DJ’s Lenny and Francesco, that rethink the original in a storming tech-house take, and the second by a new duo made by boss label Andrea Festa and his son Stefano, at his debut for this occasion: the Festa’s one is a great transformation of the original in a deep and pulsating club interpretation with Detroit echoes and melodic touches. You can’t miss it!

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