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Biography BRE:DEL


He took his first steps in music fascinated by the 4/4 of Hip Hop, producing bases as an evening pastime at home until he discovered electronic music through the various online DJ sets of that era. Since that day, his interest in that stream has grown, leading him to the assiduous search for records and tracks, allowing him to learn the art of mixing on two technics inherited from an old Airolo Club. Acculturating himself alone and with his peers, he got to know Diego Suarez, who took him to perform for the first times in Ticino clubs and for after hours in   Zurich clubs, immediately obtaining unexpected success for his signature style. His musical journey continued for a period together with Jonnynes bringing music to the major Ticino clubs (Living Room, Vanilla, Plaza, etc.) and small-caliber festivals in the Swiss territory (Ticino and Araau). At the same time, he co-founded the Yep. Music Concept with his friend, an underground party label that offers music sought after in the Ticino area, guaranteeing greater attention to his musical style.  It established his place in the Zurich Freaky Kitchen Label, which allowed it  ti perform on the radio via podcasts and DJ sets, enjoying here too, further success and awareness of his musical style

Release: Silent Valley Ep (Swiss Electronic Music Records)

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