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DONATE NOW ASSOCIATION Support our Association Liberal donations for cultural heritage and entertainment Investing in culture means investing in the economic and social growth of our nation through joint action of public and private resources. The Swiss Electronic Music Association can be supported with a free donation

Become a friend of Swiss electronic music! Do you like the Swiss electronic music festival, its artists, its concept, its performances, its atmosphere and evenings? Become a friend! Being actively protected friends in maintaining artistic quality, expanding the program and promoting the festival. It is also an easy way to show your support, share the ideals of the Swiss Electronic Music Festival or bring your assistance to the Festival. Faced with the dimension that Swiss Electronic Music Festival takes today, we always need support and to expand our circle of Friends of the Festival. Also tell your friends! With a minimum annual fee of CHF 100.-, support the Swiss Electronic Music Festival and in return: • Save 15% on your Swiss Electronic Music Pass (evening / weekend) • Save 20% on exclusive Swiss Electronic Music shirts • Students: for you it will only be CHF 80.- / year! Become a supporter of the Swiss Electronic Music Festival! If you want to give more and get a tax reduction (only in Switzerland). With a minimum annual contribution of CHF 500.-, you support the Swiss Electronic Music Festival and you: • Receive 2 free weekend passes for the Mapping Festival • Save 15% on the additional Swiss Electronic Music Festival Pass (evening / weekend) • Get the exclusive Swiss Electronic Music Festival shirt. Contact: Swiss electronic music Strada Di Pregassona 43c 6900 Lugano CH-SWITZERLAND


by making a bank transfer to the bank account made out to: Swiss Electronic Music Association


Associazione Swiss Electronic Music

Numero di Conto 185973551.2001

IBAN: CH2600764185973512001 

Clearing Bancario N.00764
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Canton Ticino 



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